QNX2: FSYS message documentation


I have to copy 50 to 100 MByte between nodes from a C programm (using
Quantum C). With fread/frwrite (or read/write) it is between 60 and 80 %
slower then a “cp x y” on the shell. Using buffers and other “tuning”
doesn’t help. It seems, that the C runtime system has a problem if you are
going over the net. A local copy is as efficent as the cp command of the

I want try to “talk” directly with FSYS on the other node, but I have not
found any documentation for FSYS. Has anybody a sample on doing this? Or the
source of the cp command (hint to QNX Software Systems …)?

Holger Arndt

PS: Using system(“cp x y”) is not an option.