QNX IDE PROFILER source code sample counts analysis

I’ve faced with strange erorr: after profiling I got normal gmon.out, I can see summary information, but when I double click on a function name I don’t see sample count results for the function’s source code. Instead of that I get the message “Resource /myproject/myfile.c does not exist”. There is an absolute path instead of relative (or /home/username/myproject/myfile.c).

Can anybody tell me what I haven’t done?
(I use not default project location, but there is a QNX C Application in that directory, it compiles and works fine, the only problem I have is this with sample count analysis).

QNX 6.2.1B
IDE 2.0 (from QNX 6.2.1 CD)

I found an absolute path to “/myproject” (Project properties->Path == “/myproject”), but I couldn’t modify it whatever I did! I even replaced every item in .metadata with the newer value with no effect…

Does anybody know how to modify project’s path property for QDE project?

Does the Eclipse FAQ help?

There is a “location” property and it is set correctly. I wonder it the “path” property must be the same with “location”. But what should it be?