ethernet problem

I have a machine with an ethernet card that was working fine for a long
time (years) until just recently. Now, as soon as I issue the
/etc/cmds/netd /etc/netconf command, the QNX network slows down. Often the
node leaves the QNX network. Sometimes when I type in commands, I lose the
echo of characters and other chars are echoed twice. If I disconnect the
ethernet cable, the QNX network recovers and works OK. When I plug the
cable back in, the QNX network drags again.

I am currently telnet’d to the QNX machine from a Windows box and running
net +r. I get another line of output about every 30 seconds. I have
another QNX machine with an ethernet card in it. When I telnet to it and
run net +r, it works fine, continuously scrolling off the screen as I
would expect it to.

I have moved the card to another machine with the same results. I thought
about a memory/IRQ conflict, but as I mentioned, everything had been
working fine. Nothing was done to the machine prior to the problem
occurring. I have other ethernet cards, but I dont know how they are
configured and every machine I try to run the E2000 setup program on says
that it cannot detect the LAN card.

Any ideas?