Compiling over CIFS

I have a QNX Neutrino workstation and a Windows 2000 (NTFS) workstation
connected via a network using CIFS (samba) for development purposes. The
CIFS connection seems to work fine in that I can successfully mount the
Windows folder on QNX and access files. However I can’t compile source code
from withing QNX when the source files reside on a Windows folder.

For example, I have a project that compiles fine when it resides in a local
QNX folder, but if I copy the project to a Windows folder the compiler
generates some ‘nonsensical’ error messages, such as "syntax error before
‘(’ ". In order to confirm that that project had been copied completely I
created a new folder locally in QNX and copied all the files from my Windows
folder into the new QNX folder and the project compiled with no error

I have also notice that the root superuser in QNX looses permission over
some of the files in Windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.