Image PC104 serial

Hi, I am bulding an image to boot from a floppy disk. The target is Octagon pc104-2133 x86, proc AMD586 at 133 MHz with 36 MB in RAM. I have followed all the procedure to build that image but I can´t get it to work. The message error is Unable to start “devc-ser8250” and all the other servers included in the script. I have checked they are included in the image by using mkifs -v, they all have size and addresses but it has been impossible to get an image to work. I am trying to use a serial port for debugging purposes and as a console. I did it in QNX4.25 but not on Neutrino.

you may miss “devc-ser8250” in a single line , good lucky.

What error code does it report when it says that?

Hi, thanks a lot for answer me. Error code is (2), and for some others is (83). Thanks.

You probably forgot to include in your image and/or forgot to link /usr/lib/ to

Hi. Unfourtunatly i am not missing those lines. I included and a link. By the way, where can I find the meaninig of those erros ?

Those are errno values. The errno command line utility will tell you the meaning.

errno 83

Hi. Still having the same problems generating the OS image. What exactly the system says is :

System page at phys:00011000 user:fed11000 kern:fed12000
Starting next program at vf000e474
Starting devc-ser8250
Unable to start “devc-ser8250” (83)
Starting reopen
Unable to access “/dev/ser1” (2)
Starting devc-par
Unable to start “devc-par” (83)
Starting shell
Unable to start “esh” (83)

You are missing the link to libc. Take a look at the sample build files in /x86/boot/build.

I´ve tryied that link, using the sample files but it does still not work. I used -autolink option and did those links by myself, but get the same erros

Well, that is what you are missing based on the output of your buildfile and the error returned from devc-ser8250.

Hi. Here is the script I´m using to build the floppy image to boot trough a serial port on a PC104.

[virtual=x86, bios +compress]boot={
startup-bios -D0x3f8.115200 -vvvv
PATH=/proc/boot LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/proc/boot/:/usr/lib:/lib procnto -vvvv
procmgr_symlink …/…/proc/boot/ /usr/lib/
display_msg Starting devc-ser8250
devc-ser8250 -e -b115200 &
display_msg Starting reopen
reopen /dev/ser1
display_msg Starting devc-par
devc-par &
display_msg Starting shell
[+sassion] TERM=qnxm esh &
[type=link] /dev/console=/dev/ser1
[type=link] /usr/lib/

You don’t want both the [type=link] and the procmgr symlink. You will also want to symlink right to

procmgr_symlink …/…/proc/boot/ /usr/lib/

It´s working. Thanks a lot.