ORiNOCO config problems

I have two ORiNOCO wifi cards that work under Linux (I set up an
ad-hoc network between two Linux laptops), but I can’t seem to
configure them correctly in QNX 6.2.0.

devp-pccard sees the card correctly, and devn-orinoco doesn’t
complain. I start it with

slay io-net
io-net -d orinoco
channel=4,default_key=1,key1=0xXXXXXXXXXX,mode=ad-hoc,network=XXX -p tcpip

and equivalent settings for the other card under Linux. The card seems
to start up correctly (blinks). Then IP settings:

ifconfig en0 netmask
route add default

to which it responds with “not multicast capable, IPv6 not enabled,”
but the interface is up. But pinging the other card gives “Host is
down” no matter what! Pinging from the Linux machine likewise gives
“Host unreachable.”

Please help, what could I be doing wrong?

Michael Savchenko