Problems with Remote File System Shell Script

Hello All,
I have a small boot script that loads a tcpip stack, runs DHCP, and mounts a
remote file system (mounts a fs-cifs on / ). The remote file system has all
the QNX binaries used by the target. It also has a script that I want to run
when the target boots. The script is located at “/BOOT/Startup” and is on
the remote fs. At the end of boot script, I have:

waitfor /BOOT/Startup 15
[+session] esh -i /BOOT/Startup

Here is my problem: When the script runs, it checks for the existence of
each binary before it tries to run it by doing a “waitfor”. Some of the
binaries like, pipe, start ok but others like mqueue or qconn or inetd do
not. The parser complains about not being able to find the file even though
the “waitfor” statement just before the command found the file without any
problems. In other words, my script goes something like:

waitfor /bin/pipe 5 <------ OK
/bin/pipe <------- OK
waitfor /bin/mqueue 5 <----- - No Error Here
/bin/mqueue & <------ No Such file or directory
waitfor /bin/qconn <------- Again no error here
/bin/qconn <-------- No Such file or directory

Any ideas?