CompactFlash problem

I want to connect a CompactFlash card through IDE interface. I have a
error like this:

io-blk: IO read (/dev/hd0) blks 0…0
simq_timer: building abort ccb
ata_start_ccb: func 10
ata_ccb_abort: calling ata_error
ATA error (path=0, device=0 cam_status=11 scsi_status=0, status=58,
error=0, cmd

with a command: “devb-eide disk verbose blk
cache=256k,verbose,bufsz=512:512,nora,noaiod eide
I run on 386ex with a 16MB SunDisk CompactFlash. A
port address, as you see, are 1200:1240, irq=7. When I read or write a
IDE port by myself evrything are OK. Can anybody help me. Thanks.