Mouse Pointer


We have recently configured dual monitor with Photon by using 2 PCI display
cards (Cirrus logic chipset) installed on same computer. With secondary
monitor configured at a horizontal offset of 800 pixels (resolution
800x600), secondary monitor offers an exclusive display area. We observed
that console 1 of Photon workspace is stretched onto secondary monitor.

We require exclusive display areas(2 separate monitors) for execution of 2
applications one on each display. This appears to be possible with dual
display configured by us. But for one of the two applications (primary
monitor), we wish to offer mouse functions whereas for the second
application (secondary monitor), we do not want to allow mouse functions.
When we conducted a trial of dual display, we observed that mouse pointer
moves from right edge of primary monitor onto secondary monitor.

Is there any way of blocking mouse cursor for console area stretched on to
secondary monitor?