Multiple Input Devices for Photon


I am working on a project that requires a QNX computer with dual
physical monitors. The requirement of configuration is as follows :-
Computer installed with QNX 4.25, Photon 1.13, Dual PCI VGA cards
installed on computer, two physical monitors connected to same computer. The
computer has a PS/2 mouse, a PS/2 keyboard connected to it. We have
installed a touch screen on secondary physical monitor. The touch screen
(smartset protocol) is interfaced on an RS232 serial port of the computer.

We require to configure Photon in such a way that a separate application
can be run on each monitor. User sitting in front of first physical monitor
should be able to interact with the application using mouse and keyboard.
The application running on secondary display should respond only to

We could get the basic setup working. We have configured Photon for dual
display. When photon starts, mouse pointer appers on one monitor (which is
second console of photon workspace) and does not move on to display area of
second monitor. Second monitor (first console of photon workspace) has a
separate application running and touch screen functions properly. How to
configure Photon to accept mouse/keyboard input only for one application and
touchscreen input for second application?

We have also realised that if both applications are simultaneously used,
focus will keep on switching from one application to another. Hence it may
not be possible to use both applications simultaneously. Is there any way of
configuring Photon for running separate applications (accepting inputs from
separate devices) and also using the two simultaneously?