More Dual Monitor Woes

I’m trying to get dual monitors set up in QNX 4 (for legacy support,
I’ll also be asking this for QNX 6)

I have two Radeon 7000 boards and my crt.(node) uses:;Pg.radeon -g1024x768x16 -d0x1002,0x5159 -I0 -HNqnx/crt;Pg.radeon
-g1024x768x16 -o1024,0 -d0x1002,0x5159 -I1
-HNqnx/crt;#1024,768,16,200,0CBDr,dual_radeon - ATI Radeon

Now when I first start photon only one screen comes up. If I switch to
another mode and switch back the second screen come up but is all funky
with black bars and a cloud of pixels for a pointer.

Any pointers or suggestions at all?