MOST - newbie questions for QNX RTOS


i am new to qnx so my questions might sound somewhat stupid.
QNX 6.3.2 Momentics
BSP amanda
BSP edosk7780
tdk MOST
building for SH

I am trying to access a MOST interface.
The QNX-Overview says I sould use NetServices API by including the headerfile
<netservices_qnx.h> and several libraries.
The headerfile is not available so how can I use the NetServices?

Then I wanted to see if my interface is active so I wanted to code
a small programm which sends data to the interface ( expecting some lights on my board to blink ).
Unfortunately the code-fragments in the QNX MOST help are not very helpful for someone like me.
I tried to use the postings from MOSTMASTER but I still do not get where I want to.
the io-most seems to be connected properly (EOK) but nothing happens if I try to send something.

Currently I only have a PCI-card with MOST interface.
Is it possible to write a small sender which continuosly transmits data to the MOST interface without waiting for pulses?
Is there another way to verify the functionality without additional hardware?

Every help and every correction of my strange ideas are appreciated.