QNX 6.1 PCMCIA IO card drivers

I am trying to convert a custom QNX4 driver to QNX 6.1 for National
Instrument Daq-1200 IO card. The card is a 16 bits PCMCIA card. When I did
the work under QNX 4, I added the following lines to the pcmcia.cards
file in /etc/config.

manufacturer = “National Instruments”
product = “DAQCard-1200”
info1 = “E”
info2 = “0”
regbase = 0x0100
config = 0x01, 0xffff, irq any, io any+32 (width=8)
;register = 0, 0x40, 0x40 ; level mode interrupts

Then, I was using PcmciaLauch to start a process that was saving card
mapping information for my driver.

Now, I am trying to do the same thing under QNX 6.1 without success. I
suppose I must add a couple line to /etc/system/device/char but it is not
clear what and how to add it. I read the QNX documentation on device but I
am kind of lost between the device, append and other keyword you can use.
Here are the lines I added and the return of pin when the card is inserted
in the ISA to PCMCIA adapter I am using :

Lines Added to /etc/system/enum/devices/char

#Trying to add National Instrumen DAQ-1200t
device(pcmcia, ven=0x010b ,dev=0x0103)
append(legacy, “,$+ioport=$(ioport)+7,irq=$(irq)$-”)

#****** pin under QNX 6.1 ******


Sock Func Type Flags PID Base Size IRQ
1 Empty ----MF---------- None
1 Empty ----MF---------- None
2 Unknown C—MF---------- None
2 Empty ----MF---------- None

#****** pin cis under QNX 6.1 ******

pin cis

Socket : 2 - Function : 0
Device : Null 0k
Card tuple version : 4.01
Manufacturer : National Instruments
Name of Product : DAQCard-1200
Add’nl info (lot #) : E
Add’nl info (programming): 0
Configuration base/st : 0x100 0-subtuples
Configuration Index : 0x1 Last Default
Interface : I/O
Feature : 0x99
IO Space : Bus16 0x0-0x1F(5 lines)
IRQ Description : Pulse 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Misc :
Manufacturer ID : 0x10b 0x103

Now, the goal is to get the pccard driver to map my card to any address !