Job Opportunities in Minnesota

We’re looking for a few good QNX/Nto/RTP programmers in the Minneapolis,
Minnesota area. We run 24x7 OLTP stuff totally geared towards redundancy,
speed & efficiency, along with some embedded development for point-of-sale
devices. We need top-notch people that can produce bullet-proof code, and work
from the device driver level on up through full blown Photon GUI, filesystem
design & implementation, web stuff, network design & management, a little bit
of SQL and so on (basically, a little bit of everything). It’s a techie-run
company (programmer friendly environment with only 1 marketer kept locked in
the basement) with excellent growth history and potential. At the risk of
being spammed off the planet, interested parties (developers or placement
specialists with viable candidates only, please) should send E-Mail to: