Contractor Available: QNX Neutrino / QNX 4

Hi folks,

I’m finishing up my contract at Cisco, and was looking around for
something interesting to do. You can take a look at my online
resume at:

I can be reached at Cisco during the day (07:30 → 15:00 EST) at +1 613 271 3407
and at home (18:00 → 21:00 EST and weekends 09:00 → 21:00 EST) at +1 613 599 8318.

Thanks in advance!


Robert Krten, PARSE Software Devices; email my initials at parse dot com
Consulting, Systems Architecture / Design, Drivers, Training, QNX 4 & Neutrino
Check out our new QNX 4 and Neutrino (QRTP) books at
Wanted PDP-8/9/10/11/12 Systems/documentation/spare parts! Will trade books!