Contractor available; January 2002

(Sigh ā€“ this is where I should have posted in the first place :slight_smile:)

Hi folks,

Iā€™m available for contract work starting in January 2002.
I would prefer to find an onsite contract in Ottawa, but
can also do work at my site for non-Ottawa companies.

You can view my online resume at:

Please feel free to contact me between 9am and 9pm eastern
standard time toll free at +1 877 727 7379 (North America)
or +1 613 599 8316 (fax +1 613 599 8317) or via email to
rk at parse dot com.


[also posted to qdn.public.qnxrtp.os and comp.os.qnx ā€“ bordering on spam,
I know :slight_smile:]

Robert Krten, PARSE Software Devices +1 613 599 8316.
Realtime Systems Architecture, Consulting and Training at
Email my initials at parse dot com.