how to creat a static library or dynamic library

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I get a very basic question. I need to write some driver functions for several signal collection cards, I want to wrap these functions into a static library or dynamic library which can be linked by other application programs. How can I do it?


nobody know the answer?

When you create your new project in QNX, you first select the project type from the wizard (ie “QNX C project” or “QNX C++ Project”) then in the next screen where you give your project a name there is an option box for Type, by default this will be set to Application. Just change this option to the type of project you are creating ie static library or dynamic library.

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Do I need to use some system register functions in my source code? like “int FAR PASCAL LibMain()” in windows?

The answers are all in the documentation.

I look through all the document but couldn’t locate the place where it describes how to write share/static library. Could you give me some links to that? Thanks! … q/qcc.html … g/gcc.html … /a/ar.html … pic&t=2128