QNX newbie questions

a month ago I downloaded QNX 6.2.1 NC and just installed it.
I have the foll. observations:

  1. QNX (NC) doesn’t enforce logins. I just typed root login and pressed ENTER, I was in.
  2. THere are no applications. Is there a bundled c++ compiler?
  3. Installing was pretty straight forward - it asked me if I want to use full, half, fourth or eighth of the disk.

Do you guys have the same exp?

  1. Default login is root with no password. Use the ‘passwd’ utility to change root’s password or to add new users
  2. Download the 3rd party CD from QNX’s web site for additional apps. GCC should be bundled with 6.2.1 NC

After installing, when you are first logged into Photon, you must start the installer from the menu, to install the momentics package.

In this package is GCC …

How do i go about setting up a new user using the passwd utility? i can only seem to change the root password with it.


Include the name of the user after passwd.

For example:

passwd my_name

It creates the user my_name. With no name, passwd changes the password of the active user (who has launched passwd).

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i had the same experience.
but now i made it .