Full Docs set for Watcom 10.6 posted on quics

This archive is available to customers who have an
existing QUICS account.

It contains the full Watcom C and C++
documentation set and is current as of May 15, 2001.


This archive may be installed over any of the following Watcom10.6 installations:

  • tar.F archives installed using the “install” utility
  • install from a QNX4 Product Suite CD
  • on its own, with no Watcom product installed

Note: Documentation was not updated on the May 2001 Product Suite CD.
A CD Docs Patch C for Watcom C and for Watcom C++ may be released
in the near future.


After downloading the file, verify the ‘cksum’.
2402102770 1900519 watcom10.6.fulldocs.tar.F

The archive can be installed using the following command when logged in as “root”:

install -u watcom10.6.fulldocs.tar.F

Note: this archive is the same as


Kevin Dunsmoor
QA, QNX Software Systems