Anyone alive?

Is there anyone alive in the community? I’m not trying to flame since I’ve used QNX since 6.0 but after the 6.3 release everything slowed down. Developers faded away, repositories broken, apps not working, etc.

My opinion on this is there wasn’t much of a community in the first place. Everything was standing on the shoulder of a very small number of people (below 5). When QSS pulled the plug on the 3rd party CD, that was it.

Oh there wont be a third party cd for 6.3? too bad. Yup, the community, what little there is, has vanished.

Depends on how you define ‘community’. If you mean people using and programming QNX just for fun, yes the very small community has almost vanished. If you mean the community of QNX users = people who use QNX in various projects, may it be at universities or in companies, of course is alive and growing. However most commercial QNX projects are realized with a QNX support contract in the background, which means that many questions QNX users have are not posted here, but sent directly to QNX support and answered directly.