Hope to obtain int10 source code

To QSSL tech support,

A customer of mine has recently come across a problem while
porting a system from QNX 4.22 to QNX 4.25. This system uses
the Watcom Graphics library, with support from int10.

The program basically draws circles on the screen. The time
it takes for drawing these circles has gone from undectably short,
to 4 seconds.

A session with DejaView shows that now during a 1ms cycles, the
program spends 96% of the time in int10, presumably waiting for
a video page swap, and the reset of the time message passing and
putting circle pixels in the memory map.

I know that this software is not currently support, but if there
are no legal restrictions, I hope that I may obtain the source code to
int10, under NDA if needed, so that I might see if there is a quick
fix for the customer.

I’ll be glad to return any fixes.

Thank you,


Mitchell Schoenbrun --------- maschoen@pobox.com