memory leak detection

I have a nasty bug that appears to kill Proc32. My system (QNX 4.25
Patch E) can run fine for at least 18 hours, but then gets into a
condition where the OS dies if:

  1. My program enters a certain portion of code. That code includes a
    malloc but the malloc seems to successfully complete. It might be
    croaking on a timed select() call or an interrupt handler, although both
    are handled many, many times without any problem.
  2. I run the “sysmon” utility on another console.
  3. I log in on another console.

I suspect that there’s some kind of memory leak, so I was hoping that
someone could tell me about tools for finding leaks in QNX 4.25. Any
help would be very much appreciated.


Mark Faust

P.S. I have the QNX 2000 conference notes that Ian Zagorskih mentioned
in the devtools news group on 7/23, but I have not fully digested them