any articles about device drivers architecture?

There is no device driver architechture per se under QRTP.
A driver is just like any other program, however writing
driver using resource manager framework is recommended (
check the doc and articles for resource manager).

That being said network driver, input driver, video driver, USB
all have different architecture. Specific DDK for each
of those group are being worked on and available (only
to beta tester I think, not sure)

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I wrote several ‘devc’ type resource managers for PCI devices using the
on-line documentation, and it was fairly easy. Debugging is a breeze due
to the fact the manager is just another program, as Mario points out.

After I wrote them, I received a copy of the book “Getting Started weith
QNX Neutrino 2”, and it turns out to have lots of stuff about resource
managers all in one major section. I haven’t read it all, but I think it
should be excellent guidance.

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John H. Zouck
The Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory

Try this:


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