Bootable CD with QNX 4.25

Hello, All!

I have to create bootable CD with QNX 4.25. I made boot floppy image. Boot script is here:

$ boot -v

$ Proc32

$ Slib32

$ Slib16

$ Fsys -r 1024

$ Fsys.eide -v

$ Iso9660fsys /=/dev/cd0

$ sinit -s /bin/sh -i /etc/config/sysinit TERM=qnx

On CD I placed /bin, /etc and /usr dirs with some files.

Than I create ISO image:

mkisofs –b boot.flp –o cd_image.iso –l –R /qnx_cd_boot

mkisofs version 1.11.1
boot.flp - image of boot floppy
/qnx_cd_boot - dir with files

And when I try to boot from CD I got:

[00] SIM=“eide 2.00A” HBA=“EIDE”
[00,0,0] type=00 ver=01 resp=00 flags=00
[01 SIM=“eide 2.00A” HBA=“EIDE”
[010,0] type=05ver=00

Unable to exec /bin/sh: No such file of directory

Where is mistake? I think that files on CD is not executables, and I have to put its on RAM disk and make chmod +x on them. But how? /etc/sysinit is not executed (I put cmd in sysinit file “echo Hello from sysinit!” and have not seen it while boot).

Any help will be very appreciative

why don’t you have all the executable files as chmod +x before you do mkisofs.
All the script file also need to be +x
Also I am not sure about QNX4 but in QNX6 in your build file you can include some .so or some executable file inside your boot image. This way these files will be available on your ramdisk.

The below thread may help: