where can i find libcpp.so.2 ?

i am running qnxnc621 downloaded 08/2003 and i want to install some downloaded applications. they keep asking for it !

You have not finished the install. Put in your install CD and install the Momentics x86 packages. Prior to 6.2.1 it wasn’t included (mistake) and so you need to the update to 6.2.0 to bring your entire system to 6.2.1.

cdm is right. libcpp.so.2a was missed in the earlier versions, see the discussion here:

QNX 6.2.1 should have it now. Or, wait a second, you are asking for libcpp.so.2 ? Now I am confused.

i was looking for the 2a. sorry, a reading fault at my side.

i visited the a.m. link (noc’s) yesterday after having browsed the forums and got a 404 error - that’s why i posted. i visited it today and downloaded the lib succesfully.

i wouldn’t install 6.2.1, because i cannot boot it from the hard disc. anyway, 6.2.0 serves well enough for my intentions.

thanks a lot for your help !