MII register mis-read in devn-tulip.so?

I have a general quandary concerning the devn-tulip.so device driver under
RTP (6.1.0). I have a laptop that this environment is currently running
under and the pccard facilities are functioning correctly. When I insert
two different CardBus FastE devices into the system, they are not
auto-enumerated, but do display (via pci and pin) as vid = 0x13d1 (Abocom)
and did = 0xab02 (FE2500 series). One is the SMC SMC8035TX (= to Abocom
FE2500MX, dongle-less), and the other is the LinkSys PCMPC200 (= to Abocom
FE2500 w/ dongle).

The tulip driver will recognize them as “chipset=2500”, but ALWAYS
autodetects media = “MII No Link”. Near as I can tell, because these
devices use an MII PHY after the tulip chipset, it is not correctly
determining link status/media from the MII registers? It bugs me that the
tulip driver does recognize the chipsets but does not seem to pick-up on the
media status from the MII. In this scenario, my media value should be 5
(100bTFD), but it will not take. The command I issue is as follows:

io-net -dtulip verbose=1,media=5 -ptcpip

I have also tried variants as basic as:

io-net -dtulip verbose=1

All attempts end in the same MII No Link message. The end result is I can
bind an IP stack to the en0 device, I can ping it, etc (ie, it instantiates
as a normal device), but it simply thinks there is no PHYS link active.
This is a tad bit distressing to say the least. I noticed that Janet
Geddes’ post from 1/23/01 contained some of the same symptoms as is I have
observed here. Any ideas (Chris McKillop?) or am I re-writing the tulip

BTW, the verbose option is purely for diagnostic purposes, and I have cycled
through media values 0 - 10, only 5 (100bTFD) and 9 (MII) were accepted
values given my Full Duplex FastE network I am running.