Embedded VC++ source code on PC104 with 32mb flash

Hi guys,

I am new to the QNX and read up that QNX can embed a VC++ source code into a small harddisk to run as a standalone embedded program.

I have a VC++ source code for my school project which i have written on XP platform but my professor has informed that i connect up any external HDD to install Windows. The PC104 should be running only the embedded software.

I am have downloaded the QNX evaluation software but i am completely lost as to how to start. Anyone can give me a rough guide on how to compile my VC++ source code together as a embedded OS so that i can run the PC104?

I hope you guys can help. If you prefer you can email me direct at daniel.phay@gmail.com

Thank you very much and have a great 2006 ahead!

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You were miss informed. If you VC++ contains a tiny winy bit of Windows specific code, like an MFC class, the code will not be portable on QNX. Maybe XP embedded is better suited to your need.

Doesn’t work like that. You would have to forget about Visual C++ and import each file one by one in the QNX IDE (based on Eclipse). Next would be to remove/replace any specific Windows code. Next read the QNX documention about building an embedded system. This is not so simple.

Good luck


Hi sir,

thanks for your informative reply.

So that means besides getting a XP embedded there is nothing i can do??

Can you suggest what i could do if i prefer not to rewrite my source code in VC++(done on XP platform) and still be able to fit it into a 32mb flash such that it can run on the PC104? My program has no GUI and is relatively small, only problem i have is the OS size, and also 1 of the new requirements is that it has to be embedded, the PC104 will be handling this program only.

Please advise. Thank you

Have a great 2006 ahead


If your program has no GUI then its possible it could be ported to another OS fairly easily. Hard to tell without more details.

I’m don’t know much about XP embedded but 32Mb flash sounds doable.

QNX6 would probably be a good fit only if you can do it whitin a month ;-) After a month (unless you buy the development seat) you will not be able to build custom boot image, which will probably be a problem.

Since you’d be starting from scratch you should REALLY start by reading the documentation. If you seach on this web site you should be able to find some instructions concerning how to embedd the OS.