Remote window access to QNX6 from Linux

Happy New Year, everyone!

I am trying to make sense of all the bits that appear to allow me remote access to a QNX6 system and its Photon-based GUI software. I have found a phinx that works, but I cannot log in as anyone but root. Can anyone suggest why this is happening?

I have also installed VNC, but I doubt if that gets me much further because (if I understand correctly) I still need phinx to run e.g. the package installer.

Is there any way to tell phinx NOT to log me in, but just to assume I want to function as the user starting it? Is there any way to tell it to take over an entire X display, so that I could, in effect, use Photon as the “window manager” for Xvnc?

Any hints as to how I should be proceeding will be most gratefully received.

  • Bob.

Have you tried Phindow?

I have not tried phindow. I thought that was something one ran under some sort of Microsoft OS (which in my case I have not got) and that phinx was (roughly) the equivalent for X-based windows systems (on Unix, Linux, and other such platforms). Am I wrong? I have yet to find any particularly unified discussion of how all the pieces fit together (Photon, phinx, phindow, VNC etc.) so I don’t doubt I’ve missed some important information along the way.

I have managed to get phinx to log me in as myself rather than root. Don’t ask: it was a stupid error on my part, and not something anyone in their right mind would run into.

Now, can anyone remind me of the command that allows me to run a single Photon application using an X window?

I’m getting confused as well. I thought of phinx as the client component, just like Phindows. Or is it the server side component and VNC the client? Is XFree86 required on the QNX machine?
Does anyone know of some sort of Getting started guide for Photon remote session from X-based system, Linux for instance?