Just installed QNX as the primary partition on the second harddrive. The QNX CD recognizes the installation just fine. Lilo refuses to load QNX however. I’ve patched offset 0x11 as mentioned elsewhere in the forum, but I still get a “error 0x01” from lilo. Anyone else experienced problems mixing LILO and QNX?

I believe lilo has a feature (something kind of “chain”?) that can swap the first and second hard disk during boot. This will trick the OS in believing it is installed on the first disk. check the lilo docs for details.

yeah, ‘spatch’ that byte back to 0x80 and try something like this for your qnx entry:
other = /dev/hdb1
label = qnx
map-drive = 0x80
to = 0x81
map-drive = 0x81
to = 0x80

I’m not sure if it will work, but it worth to try :slight_smile: