Does any one have experience knowing QNX DDK? Does a DDK separate to QNX Momentics development suite or Neutrino? I work on a CAN bus driver and confused what is different between the Resource Manager and DDK. I wonder if I need a QNX DDK pack to develop a device driver, which like Windows XP DDK for driver development or I can use Resource Manager to develop a device driver, but a device driver development is involved in kernel programming. Please help me to clear these concepts.

A resource manager is the framework to develop generic driver. It helps implement a POSIX interface. DDK are special kit to develop driver that fit in a different framework. Network driver for io-net. Usb driver of io-usb. Graphic driver for io-graphics. Etc. CAN bus driver from what I know doesn’t fit in any of the above hence you can use the resource manager framework.

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