usb netowrk

I would like to connect a x86 based board (custom build) with QNXRTP to
an other PC or a PC network. The board has only a USB connection.
Therefore I am looking for a way to either connect USB to Ethernet,
or to connect USB to USB.

For the first case I tried to get the USB to Ethernet adapter smc2202 as
sugested on the qdn supported hardware page.
But I found out that this adapter is not available any more. Smc
sugested to use a smc2203 which should be compatible to the 2202 but I
can’t get that either. Obviosly there is only a smc2208 available and
that does not work with the QNX pegasus driver.

For the second case, to connect to an other UBS port, I did not find any
information at all.

Therefore I would like to ask, if there are any other drivers available
(maybe beta) either for an Ethernet network or for an USB network.

Regards Norbert