Momentics IDE and CVS


We are trying to explore ways of using CVS to host the development branch of our software, one question that pops up is this:

Is it possible to have a release container project on the CVS server which contains the release software package, i.e In house development SW, Third party tools, external libraries etc, i.e something similar to clear case versioning system where a new developer can actually download a snapshot (contains all the relevant software) of the current release on to his machine.

Thanks for the help in advance,



I am trying to repharse my earlier question, what i would like to know is this :

A release project in CVS that integrates with the QNX Momentics ? how are people version controlling development projects(that creates the final image of the SW) using momentics on QNX self hosted system.



I’m not sure I understand your question. Doesn’t the CVS perspective of Momentics do what you need?

I think your question is this:

“Can CVS store arbitrary binary images ?”

The answer is yes, although it isn’t necessary the best place to store them. If you have something relatively static, like the final shipping image along with tools, etc., then pressing a CD (not burning a CD-R), or set of CDs might be a better alternative.

Thanks for the replies. I guess we were not using the CVS functionality to the fullest potential.