io-net to change IP Address


This peice of code in my build file sets the IP address for my board

#  Network drivers and filesystems
  io-net -drtl -pttcpip if=en0: &

Now after I log into the board I see an IP address as But,
now I want to change the IPADRESS to
How would I do that ? Could someone give an example of using the io-net command to set the IP to the desired value. The image is being run from a CF disk.


You can use ifconfig, something like:

ifconfig en0 netmask

See the documentation for details of the complete usage of the command. If you want a gateway as well, use the “route” command.

well Iam trying to change the IP from an image OS and so dont have all the commands.
I tried using ifconfig but it get the message :-

ifconfig: SIOCGIFMETRIC en0: Operation Not Supported
ifconfig: SIOCGIFALIAS en0: Operation Not Supported

And when I used the io-net command

io-net -pttcpip if=en0:

it shows that the IP has changed to but from the remote machine, it does not PING to it, but still PINGS to the old IP address set as


tiny tcp stack does not support ifconfig. Use -ptcpip.