ifs, efs and QNX system builder

I have a QNX system builder project, in Momentics 6.3.0 SP2, which contains an IFS image and an EFS image. EFS and IFS are part of the same embedded system. Mount point of the EFS is /.

It seems that the IDE is not aware that IFS and EFS are part of the same system since it always asks me to add libaries to EFS even if they are present in IFS.

Is there a way to tell the IDE that IFS and EFS are part of the same Filesystem?


Do I have to mention that in the previous version of Momentics (6.3.0 SP1) when you add an efs to a existing ifs they appear merged in the file sytem view. I would like to have the same behaviour with Mometics 6.3.0 SP2. DO anyone knows if it’s possible?