QNX Watcom C/C++ 10.6

I have a QNX Watcom C/C++ version 10.6 CD for which I have no use. Does anyone want this?

The CD is useless it’s the license that matters ;-)

I just happened to stumble on some QNX stuff - some of it sold on ebay, figured I’d see if I could find a home for the last bit.

I’m a veteran Watcom C/C++ v10.6 user under DOS/Windows/OS2 - I’d like to see if I could use it under Neutrino v6.1 as well. Does your CD require a passcode for installation?

The only way you could get Watcom to run under Neutrino would be to port it yourself. I’ve heard that v11 was made available to the public, but this may be just a rumor.

V11 is not rely public, but OpenWatcom 1.3 is.

I tried porting to QNX4 ( I see no need for it on QNX6) but gave up at the combursome build process. I’m pretty sure it’s doable, but don’t see any real serious need for it.

For porting OpenWatcom to QNX4 needed run some dos programs under dosemul with freedos or with RUNDOS for qnx4.

Other problem is that long long type is needed for compiler that builds OpenWatcom under QNX4 or you have to build OpenWatcom under other OS for QNX4 if possible.

Now here’s a cool chicken and egg problem for you.
The question is, does OpenWatcom 1.3 need the code that uses “long long” to compile itself?

If not, here’s what you do, comment out the “long long” and compile Watcom 1.3 with 10.6. Call this 1.3-. Now compile 1.3 with 1.3-.
Now you are done.