QNX2: looking for ftp server suporting transfer direcorytree

i have qnx2 with ethernet connection. the ftpd service is running (started from inetd) and i can connect from outside and get / put files. But the ftp server does’ nt suport recursive transfer (directoriy tree with all files). I 'm looking for a newer ftp server running on qnx2, can you help me (with a link or so) :question:

You should consider yourself lucking to have ftp server. on QNX2.

That being said I beleive this is a feature of the client and not the server. It’s up to the client to go recursively into each directory.

i 'm not shure, because i need a command line solution of ftp-client (not like filezilla or some other). i like to run a skript / batch all night. and i do’nt know the exacte name of the directories as they are made by any backuptools.
if i take the client ncftpget with option -R on a linux server with proftpd, i get exactly the directory tree with all its files, as so i like it. But if i make the same to my qnx server running ftpd, only the files from the base were copied, and no directory with its files.
also this clients does’nt work. do you know one with this feature? any idea?

At any rate I very much doubt you’ll find another ftp server for QNX2. I’m not familliar enought with the ftp protocol, but it sounds to me like you’re only hope it to find a client that will deal with directories recursively.

It’s also possible the ftp implementation is QNX2 is very old and sub standard. But the way I understand it if ftp server can handle ls, the client should be able to handle recursive directory.

QNX 2 had a special shell ( It was small but fast ). Parent directory is per default ^ not … like it is on QNX4, QNX6 or UNIXs. This may be the problem.
You can try to enable it by typing ‘dots on’ at the command prompt and try your FTP again

What TCP/IP solution for QNX2 are you using ? 8 years ago I used this solution www2.akso.de/akso/index.php?id=28 ( sorry only in german )
I could get a full tree of file from QNX2 to Windows NT 4

dots are now on, but the same bad result.

we have the same as you; i 'm asking there for some updates.

do you take the winNT-onboard-ftp-client? if i take the winXP-onboard-ftp-client, i get all files (also from the subdirectories) but the directory structure is destroied; all files are local in the same directory. may be i 'm writting a script, that searching all remote names of files and directories, then generate command from command to get file by file, but is this the way ??