4dwaveNX driver problem

I have a (Hoontech) soundcard with Trident 4DWaveNX chipset,
which is recognized by RTP 6.1A, but I don’t get any sound
output from Mediaplayer or other apps.

The mixer is running, and everything looks ok, but no output,
analog or digital. If I turn on mic boost or ADC/DAC loopback
in the advanced options I do however get a buzz or noise, so
there seems to be some sort of contact.

Anyone got this card running?
Any pointers? :slight_smile:

pci -v output pasted for your pleasure…

Class = Multimedia (Audio)
Vendor ID = 1023h, Trident Microsystems
Device ID = 2001h, 4DWAVE-NX PCI Audio
PCI index = 0h
Class Codes = 040100h
Revision ID = 2h
Bus number = 0
Device number = 12
Function num = 0
Status Reg = 210h
Command Reg = 7h
Header type = 0h Single-function
BIST = 0h Build-in-self-test not supported
Latency Timer = 20h
Cache Line Size= 0h
PCI IO Address = d800h length 256 enabled
PCI Mem Address = ef121000h 32bit length 4096 enabled
Max Lat = 5ns
Min Gnt = 2ns
PCI Int Pin = INT A
Interrupt line = 5
Capabilities Pointer = 48h
Capability ID = 1h
Capabilities = 601h - 0h


Trygve Lunheim