mux1 and mux2 types in documentation !

Hello, All!

In chapter “Handling analog audio data” the mux2 description is “mux2 is a
simplified type-1 multiplexer in that it handles only mono channels”.

But in the API reference for ado_mixer_element_mux2 function: “A multiplexer
of type 2 selects zero or more inputs to be routed to it output. Each input
has its own selector which is independed”. And no one word about “mono”
channels … behavior of mux2 is much difference from mux1 …

So which documentation is right ? :wink:

And how to handle mono and stero channels in one mux ? for example Mic
(mono) and Line (stereo) inputs or I need emulate stereo for Mic ? If API
reference documenation is right, when I replace mux1 type to mux2 I got
error in capture group creation … is mux2 type supported for capture ? Or
is it routing between elements problem ?

Thanks !

With best regards, Mike Gorchak.