special member on ado_pcm_config_t?

Hi, All. Im JBH.

Is it correct that ‘[snd_pcm_format_t] on [snd_pcm_channel_params_t]’ is
copied to
‘[snd_pcm_format_t] on [ado_pcm_config_t]’ when snd_pcm_plugin_params() is
in playing back or capturing??

If it’s right, why isn’t [special] of
[snd_pcm_channel_params.snd_pcm_format] copied
to [special] of [ado_pcm_config.snd_pcm_format] in playing back??
I wrote 5 to [special] variable, but ado_pcm_config on *_aquire() in Driver
didn’t get [special].
I know when [special] variable is used, but I want to use another usage.

Please Answer me…