Audio on DSP Design TP400B

I have a PC104 computer (type TP400B) made by DSP Design. The card contains
a Geode GX1 which operates in a mode which is supposed to emulate a
soundblaster card. On start-up, the presence of a soundblaster is detected,
but io-audio needs to be slayed and restarted with the correct
addresses/irq/dma (I don’t know which one the automatic sensing gets wrong).

I have compiled the demo programs given in the help - wave.c and waverec.c
and both appear to run (i.e. they react to command inputs, waverec produces
a file of the right length, etc). However audio doesn’t appear to be
recorded with waverec and sound isn’t output with wave. I have tried these
two programs on another type of PC with no problems.

Does anyone have any experience of using the audio facilities on a TP400B or
with a Geode GX1 operating in this mode?