Keyboard lockup under QNX 4.25

We would appreciate any suggestions on this problem:

QNX4.25 OS. Photon MicroGui Runtime. Fieldworks 8000 laptop PC, with 32M
Ram and PII MMX 366 Pentium processor, 6 GByte hard drive.

After install of QNX4.25 and Photon MicroGui on this PC, the keyboard locks
when just using the QNX VEDIT text editor. The only way to unlock the
keyboard is to power down the PC. The keyboard also locks up when using our
proprietary QNX application software, but the program executables continue
to run.

Open VEDIT, and edit a text file. Up/Down Arrow or Page UP/Down key, or
sometimes just any keystroke, will lock the keyboard up. Must then cycle
power to regain control of
the computer.