QNX-4 Serial COmmunication

I have two nodes of QNX-4 that are connected together on a serial cross cable. When I transmit data from Node-1 to Node-2 over the serial cable, all is well. When I transmit data from Node-2 to Node-1, I get every 6th character only. If i transmit 123451234512345, I will receive only 111. Can someone tell me what could be the problem. I have tried reducing baud rate down to 1200 using “stty” but this did not help. Another funny thing is that while transmitting from Node-2 to Node-1 if I hit enter after every character then all characters seem to be go properly. This is not required when I am transmitting from Node-1 to Node-2. Please advise! Thanks

run stty </dev/serX on each node and check if the output is the same.