Talking to PCI board

I want to develop a driver to communicate with a PCI board that will be
connected to a device that provides me with a regular time indicator via
the PCI registers.

So, I checked out all the doc that I could find on the QNX site but nothing
about developing a driver to access the PCI bus to read a PCI register
of an arbitrary PCI device. I found references about Audio, Graphics,
Input, Network and USB, but none about a generic PCI device.

I need a template to using the PCI registers of an arbitrary PCI device.
This certainly exists but I could not find anywhere on the site by searching

The board that I am using is a PCI9030 assembled by
PLX Technology at They provide me with driver
implementations for Windows and Linux (2.2 and 2.4 kernels).

I appreciate any help you give to me,



Thanks, I got it working now.