memory analysis for a multi-threaded OS

I want to use QNX IDE to see the memory usage for various threads and processes. Pls let me knw how should i be doing that ?


Memory does always belong to a process. This means you can’t see memory usage on a per thread base, because the memory belongs to the process the thread belongs to.
With the QNX IDE, use the ‘System Information Perspective’ and for example the Malloc View to see the memory usage of the processes.

As far as I remember you can use the “memory Information” Tab in the “System Information Perspective” to see the different thread-stacks in your process’ memory i.e. which memory belongs to which thread.

I think, with the profiler you can get this information.

The IDE has a dedicated memory analysis tool that tracks malloc()-free() pairs. Sometimes tricky to get it work, but it can be useful. However, only one process can be inspected!