Multitext Widget seems to be a memory eater


the Multitext Widget (QNX 6.3.0 PhAb 2.03) seems to allocate a big amount of heap memory when filling with text and does not release it after deleting the text inside.

I used following functions to fill with text

PtMultiTextModifyAttributes(ABW_PtMultiTextWidget, start, end, &attr, mask);
(to change color for subsequent text)

PtTextModifyText(ABW_PtMultiTextWidget, start, end, -1, buf, len);
(to add text at the end of widget text)

When this was done some 50000 times with deleting text at begining of widgets text, so total amount of characters are never more than 200kB, the heap usage of this application is about 20MB and will not be freed even if the complete text was deleted.

Has anyone experience with that?