Packager questions

Hello, All!

  1. When packager building slib package (for external dependencies) it
    doesn’t stripes out .so file, while in dev package it stripes (debug info
    only, ‘-g’ option). What the root of the problem ?

  2. How I can disable the slib package creation ? It is doesn’t needed when I
    build the development .qpr file for downloading (it only increases size for
    the downloading). I was wrote the small script, which repacks the .qpr file
    to remove the annoyed slib package … :frowning:

  3. What is .qpr file (philosophic question :slight_smile: ? Sometimes I got the tar
    archive, sometimes got the tar.gz archive ? Is this controllable or not ?
    Maybe my slow-witted after night watch at the front of monitor :slight_smile:

Thanks !