XFree86 ELF loader issues

I am trying to cross compile available Xfree86 source code to other architectures and test it on respective hardware.

Recently I cross compiled XFree86 for SH4 and after downloading the Xfree86 binaries when I tried to run it on hardware I am getting error message “ElfRelocateEntry() unsupported relocation type”.

Analyzing the problem I came to know ELF loader is giving the the problem as current ELF loader (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/loader) does not have support for SH4.

How this problem can be handled? If I try to generate static X server by adding “#define DoLoadableServer NO” to host.def, will it be able solve the issue? any kind of suggestions are welcome.

thanks in advance.

If dynamic doesn’t work, you can definitely try static. Actually this is exactly what happened to QNX 4 / XFree86 port.

I have cross compiled Xfree86 4.3.0 for target hardware SH4. As this does not have PCI bus support we have emulated functionality of PCI api’s. While trying to run it on our hardware compiled binaries are not able to initialize the drivers and server is crashing.
The implementation needs to be memory mapped driver in place of PCI based. I would like to know how I can target this implementation of replacing PCI based driver initialization to hardware board specific memory mapped implementation.