Soft Restart

I’m trying to restart a machine by loading the .boot file from within QNX6.

More description:

The machine has some readonly flash that is no suppose to be updated in the
A compact flash contains a .boot file the OS and the application. The boot
,in the read only flash, first checks if the compact flash is uptodate and
valid by
communicating with a server. If required it download a compact flash image.

The initial boot image then write in sram a flag to tell the ipl to boot
from the compact
flash. Then the machine reboots and start from the compact flash.

Now that system has been ported to QNX6 but the rebooting, which
occurs everytime to system is turned on has been annoying people.

So the idea is to be able to reload the new image and jump into.

There are a couple of show-stopper.

First the .boot file is meant to run in real mode. I guess I could have an
switch to real-mode (I can’t do it otherwise since it’s a ring 0
operation). I’m not sure that is possible.

Second , I think the .boot, although relocatable must be in a region of ram
accessible in real-mode.

Anyone has pointer or suggestion?

  • Mario