Weird Problem with PS2 Mouse

I’m having a very strange problem with my new install of QNX 6.3 professional edition. When I boot to the login screen, I can use my PS2 mouse no problem. However, once I log in, the mouse ceases to function - sortof. When I move the physical mouse, the mouse on the screen twitches, the CPU monitor goes to 100% utilization . . . and nothing else happens - no other input is accepted for five seconds. Five seconds (approx) later, the mouse “dissapears” (I usually can find it embedded in one of the edges of the screen) and the system is apparently back to “normal” - until I try to move the mouse again.

I am running this with an AMD 3200+ on an Asus motherboard. PS2 keyboard (which works fine) and PS2 mouse (which doesn’t). Both the keyboard and the mouse have been recently used in other systems, so they are known good hardware.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Welll, I finally got ahold of a USB mouse . . . and it seems to work fine. None of the same symptoms as the PS2 mouse.

Has this happened to ANYONE else?


I DID come across such a thing: When I tried to directly boot into Photon without the login screen (I adapted ph script such that I passed username and password to phlogin) then I got a race condition because both ph and some other entity I forgot about where both trying to start devi-hirun. This race condition is actually described in the help to phlogin. So you should check if you have two instances of devi-hirun active.

You can also try to slay devi-hirun and re-start it. That your USB mouse is working actually fits because USB mouse works via io-hid / devi-hid chain, different than PS2 driver.