PCMCIA on Embedded x86

Dear All,

I have a question, and a problem of course.

I have two computers, a laptop and x86 embedded system ( DSPDesign TP400, a
PC104 standard system). I have installed QNX RTP 6.1 on both. The problem
comes when I try to use a ORINOCO PCMCIA wireless card. On the first
everything is OK, I run “io-net -dorinoco …options… -ptcpip” and
everything is fine. On the embedded system the same line executes with no
complains but the network doesn’t work (ping doesn’t get any replay). I have
noticed that on the laptop, issuing the pin command, associated with the
network card socket there is a PID number. The PID is the one of
enum-pccard. No PID is associated to the card on the embedded system.

I think this might be a clue, but not to me. The embedded system seems
however to give the correct answers for “pin”, I suppose the pccard
controller is recognised correctly (both the pccard chip and the network
card chip are in the “supported hardware list” of QNX).

Thanks very much for any help,